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Explore your passion for all the arts at Infinity Arts Center. We strive to provide a creative outlet for both children and adults in our wonderful facility with multiple dance studios, dedicated music rooms, and a large arts and crafts space. With a new team of professionally trained teachers, we are eager to build a community of artists of all levels and ages. The classes provided are just the beginning of what we can offer. If you are looking for a specific type of class, training, or event for you or your child, please complete this form to tell us about your specific interest!

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  • 5 Artists to Introduce to Your Child

    5 Artists to Introduce to Your Child

    Are children getting enough exposure to art? While there is nothing inherently wrong with watching YouTube or television, their precedence over art can be problematic. Children’s minds should be nourished with beautiful and powerful works of art.   If you want to give your child the art their young minds crave, Infinity Arts Center has […]Read More »

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