Infinity Arts Center Halloween Party

November 5, 2019by InfinityArts0

On October 26th, 2019 Infinity Arts Center celebrated their first big event at our new Performance and Entertainment Venue. We were happy to be able to utilize this space for a variety of activities ranging from silly to spooky. Entry to this event was free along with the performances, dance lesson, sing-along, haunted house, costume contest, and live painting station inside. Additional activities including a bouncy house and cupcake decoration station which were offered with the purchase of tickets.

Our Center Director and Dance Instructor, Vanessa Finnegan, performed a spooky solo followed by a silly and energetic dance performed with students of her Dance Mix class. The instructor then invited the children in attendance at the party up on stage to learn the dance! The kids spent a joyful 15 minutes learning the dance before performing it together on stage. Miss Vanessa’s Dance Mix class for children ages 6 to 12 meets on Fridays at 4:30PM, and is preceded by a 30 minute yoga class.

At intervals throughout the night Piano instructor Yulia Nilova played beautiful and haunting jazz music live! We are blessed to have such a talented instructor teaching our students. With her piano set up in the center of the event among a living-room arrangement where parents and children could relax, talk, and observe the goings on, her music provided a lovely addition to the family fun.

Our Musical Theatre instructor and Events Coordinator, Stephanie Gaertner, appeared as everyone’s favorite ice princess, with the vocals of a Queen, Elsa! Guests enjoyed singing along or just watching and listening. Stephanie will share her talent further at Infinity Arts center in her upcoming “Shining Stars” Musical Theatre classes for ages 5-9, as well as in her “Spotlight Studio” workshops for high school aged kids.

Hung on one wall of the 4000sq foot event space was a large contour drawing. This drawing included images of pumpkins, headstones, a castle, and a cute cartoon-like witch, all of which children enjoyed painting at their leisure throughout the night! We have our art instructor Lydia Kimbrough to thank for that drawing. Her upcoming painting and drawing class, beginning weekly on Monday, December 2nd at 6pm, will tackle the skills of contour drawing, along with various painting techniques.

We had so much fun taking the kids through the haunted house, teaching a fun and silly dance up on stage, cupcake decorating, bouncing in the bouncy house, singing along to “Let it Go” with Elsa, painting our big spooky wall drawing, and watching the performances!

We hope to see you at our next event!

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