• Let us take the planning, clean-up, and stress out of your child’s next birthday, and add the all of the wonder, excitement and memories to last a lifetime!
  • We have a variety of themes of birthday parties depending on whether your child loves theater, music, dance, and/or visual arts!
  • All birthday party options are based on a total of up to 15 kids. Pizza is available for order through IAC. All packages include an engaging party host, 1 hour of games/activities based on the birthday child’s theme, 30 minutes for presents and cake, as well as a balloon for each guest and a IAC t-shirt for the birthday child.

EMMY Awards  Package 

$ 225

Our basic EMMY Awards party package includes a ninety minute party with an engaging host and a balloon for each guest. There will be plenty of time for activities, games, and giggles along with thirty minutes to eat a birthday snack and open presents. Birthday child receives a Birthday T-shirt to be signed by all of their friends!

$10 for each additional child

TONY Awards Package 

$ 275

The TONY Awards Package is the EMMY Awards Package with all tableware and goodies for each birthday party guest. Tableware includes cups, plates, utensils, napkins, etc.

$12 for each additional child

OSCAR Awards Package

$ 350

The OSCAR Awards Package includes the TONY Awards Package with juice boxes and cupcakes for the party guests!

$13 for each additional child

Any other theme your child would like can be discussed.

Fairy Dance Party

Do you believe in Fairies! I do!! Are you ready to grow wings and take a magical flight? Fairy Freeze Dance, Mermaid Hunt games will be in you activities! Fairy Party Dance Party is offered through IAC’s Dance Program

My Little Pony Dance Party

Take your birthday party guests to IAC with My Little Pony Dance Party! Fun game and Dance! My Little Pony Party Supplies feature: My Little Pony on tableware, plates, napkins, cups, and party kits!

Pirates! ARRRGH!

Unleash your inner pirate in this fun and active birthday theme. Learn some professional fight choreography with foam swords in a guided workshop. Pirates! is offered through IAC’s Theater Program.

Superhero Birthday!

BAM! POW! KAPOW! Have your little superhero or heroines enjoy this awesome superhero theme party! Your kids will love making and decorating their own masks, capes and gadgets. Utilizing their imagination and creativity, your child will have the chance to experiment with new craft materials and get to become their own superhero!

Birthday Idol

Who will be the star of your birthday? Let’s face it, if you are the birthday boy or girl it’s probably going to be you. Sing along to family friendly versions of popular hits and favorite classics. You bring your voice and birthday stardom and we’ll provide the karaoke equipment. Birthday Idol is offered through IAC’s Music Program.

Fashionable ME! Birthday

Does your girl love fashion? This birthday party theme is for the young fashionista that loves to dress up, sparkle and lots of glamour! Girls will enjoy making their own jewelry using beads, gems, and other interesting materials. The birthday girl and her friends will dazzle with original jewelry pieces.

Party Picasso!

What masterpieces will you commission for your next birthday? With this fun paint party, your child will become one of the great masters! This hands-on paint party is great for budding art masters who love to experience art. Your kids will experiment with different art mediums and get to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Dancing Queens and Kings

Play dress up in tutus from our closet, make sparkly tiaras to wear. Hear a specially chosen story of Fairy tale lands with Queens and Kings. Dance and then help the birthday girl or boy open gifts. Go home with dancing imaginations! Dancing Queens and Kings is offered through IAC’s Dance Program.

Princess Party

Play dress up in tutus from our closet and make a sparkly tiara to wear. Hear a special Princess story, play games and dance! Go home with visions of Sleeping Beauty dancing in their heads. Princess Party is offered through IAC’s Dance Program.

Zombie Birthday

They’re alive! They’re alive! Get your face painted like a scary or not-so-scary zombie and play fun zombie games. Don’t worry, everyone survives this fun birthday. Zombie birthday is offered through IAC’s Theater Program.

Clown Around

Clowns are a lot more fun when you get to be the clown. Put on your nose, learn to juggle scarves, and how to safely do a pratfall. Clown Around is offered through IAC’s Theater Program.