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FALL THEATER Schedule 2019

Starting from September 2nd to November 24th


Lil’ Broadway

Just because you are 253 miles from Broadway doesn’t mean you can’t explore the different ways that we bring stories to life in musical theatre! Using their bodies, faces, voices, and imaginations, students will step onto the classroom stage and sing, dance, and act some of Broadway’s favorite musicals!

Stage Combat

This class will focus on studying combat choreography from various movie scenes as well as practicing and inventing combat choreography based on the fundamental basics of stage combat


Mini Mimes

Shhhhhhh! You don’t always have to talk to express yourself! In this energetic movement-based theatre class, students will exercise their motor skills, Increase bodily awareness, improve coordination, and stretch their imaginations in order to tell stories without using any words. Build your child’s communications skills and sharpen their focus in this quirky, quiet class.

Scene study

Each class will consist of part theatre lecture, part monologue coaching. Audition coaching will help the student practice performing in front of others, while guiding them to their full performing potential. Using scenes from some of the leading voices in contemporary and classical theatre, students will learn how to approach performing. Studies will include dramaturgical research, scoring the script, and scene coaching with feedback.


Acting 3

Designed for students with a history of acting, this advanced class will help students to refine their method through the exploration of a variety of works and characters. Students will be encouraged to stretch their acting abilities outside of their “typical” character choice with highly individualized instruction. This


Storytime Station

Would you give a mouse a cookie? What would you draw with your magic purple crayon? Do you like green eggs and ham? How would you deal with a curious monkey? Jump into the world of your favorite award-winning storybooks and explore characters. Unlock your imagination to act, move, and even think like characters in the story. Explore the positive themes and life lessons in these classical favorites!


Theatrical Movement

Students will focus on acting with their bodies, learning methods of gesture, facial expression and pantomime.

Acting 2

Designed to give students the opportunity to explore modern and classic dramatic literature while exercising their ability to bring characters to life through the serious and realistic portrayal of a role. Students will explore various acting methods through several scenes from various works. This class will culminate in the performance of a character monologue.

Script Reading

Students will learn to read with emotion, punctuation, and fluency as they practice their acting skills. They will examine methods of sounding like a character, bringing the role to light using their voice and reading skills.


Musical Theatre I

Musical Theatre I encourages creative expression, cooperation, and group awareness as it relates to the historical form of musical theatre. IAC teaching artists will introduce aspiring performers to the more developed aspect of this genre. Acting a song, reasons for expressing dialogue through song, and choosing audition material will be explored. Musical Theatre I culminates in a final performance.

Acting Shakespeare

With a focus on classical Shakespearean works, this class will teach the beginning to advanced actor the methods of acting a classical character.

Write a Show!

Students will study classical and contemporary scripts in order to write their own 3 scene play!.

Improv Fun

One of the building blocks to a solid performer is the ability to improvise – make it on the spot! Improv fun introduces children to the basics of improv! they will improve their confidence, public speaking, and social skills while having a lot of laughs!